Our Team

Our Team

Angie Francis

Licensed since 2007, Angie Francis is an expert in legal practice, especially with regards to Creative Real Estate Investing. Unlike other brokers who fear the creative, Angie looks for ways Agents can make money for themselves rather than just for their broker. She's the reason we can give our Agent-Investors the Freedom to Succeed!

Daniel Francis
Chief Executive Officer  

Investing since late 2003, Dan has done hundreds of Creative Real Estate transactions including wholesales, flips, "Sub2" and Wraps. Now he is focused on growing StepStone Realty and SafeLoanServicing.com.

Cameron Wilson
Chief Operating Officer  

With the StepStone team since 2010, Cameron has grown to be the integrator of all business practices. With her unique organization skills and ability to "take charge", she is actively involved in all aspects of StepStone Realty including the main organizer of The Black Sheep Open.

Rachel Jones
Broker Assistant  

Rachel joined the Stepstone Team as an agent immediately after receiving her Real Estate license in December 2018. In 2020 Rachel joined the admin team and is growing in her role as Broker Assistant. She has a positive attitude, pays attention to detail, and continues to learn and grow personally and professionally. Being an agent in an admin role allows her to empathize with her fellow agents regarding compliance and the time sensitivity involved most times. She’s dedicated to helping others and goes above and beyond to do so.