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Education and Training

Freedom does not mean we aren’t here to help. In fact, we are here to not only allow you to do creative real estate, but also to support and educate you about it. You are never too old or experienced to learn more techniques, nuances and tricks of the trade. So we continue to educate and train in a number of ways.

First, when you become a StepStone agent, you get access to our library of training videos and webinars, ranging in topics from traditional real estate practices to creative techniques… and those that bridge the gap between the two.

Also, twice a year, you can attend one of our Live two-day workshops with informative classes. These are not classes like you may have experienced at an expo or a seminar…. Where the instructor gives you five minutes of information, but then spends the next 45 minutes selling you on their coaching program or attending one of their boot camps. This is real hands-on training that is designed to make you a smarter and more successful investor and agent!

Licensed Activity

StepStone is fully committed to helping you with any and all of your commissioned, licensed activity. In fact, our agent survey shows how responsive we are to answering your agent questions… 98.6% of our Agents rated the brokerage as responsive to their questions

And 88.7% rated StepStone as VERY responsive.

New agents will also get to choose from one of our highly skilled and successful Captains. On your first three licensed transactions, they have your back! You won’t have to look like this is your first listing, because your Captain will help you through it so that you come across as polished and experienced.

Investor Activity

And StepStone is there to help you with your Investor Activity as well! We do that by partnering with you or consulting with you on your next project. This is YOUR choice. If you are an experienced investor and have your tools and support team ready to go, great! But if you need our help, if it’s a type a deal you’ve never done before, or you just aren’t ready to go it alone yet, no problem. The StepStone team, or one of our experienced agents are ready to partner with you on that deal!