Our first promise is Freedom. At StepStone, we do not feel that you are an employee. While technically, by State Law, all agents are “employees” of the brokerage, at StepStone, our agents are our customers. With us, you are free to do business YOUR way.

As a consequence, when you become a StepStone Agent, you are expected to do ZERO hours of Desk Duty, Attend ZERO Staff Meetings, You will have ZERO Hours Required Showing Buyers around and have a minimum Quota of ZERO Closings/month.

That’s because with StepStone, having your license is not a JOB!

That also means were are not going to tell you what you cannot do. We believe that as long as it is legal and ethical, you should take advantage of all investor tools and do your best to help homeowners and make money! We are not here to tell you to list instead of wholesale, or that you can’t list your own property. And we believe wraps can be an effective tool for investors and homeowners. We work with a high level of honesty and integrity, but we want you to do YOUR business YOUR way.