Finally, that brings us to our greatest advantage - our community. At StepStone, we like to say our agent community is a mirror of America. Coming from all walks of life, the mutual respect and admiration our agents have for each other has helped to foster a climate of helpfulness and support that is unmatched in any other investor community.

You can see that playing out in our monthly Mastermind meetings where we meet for lunch, learn, get market reports and sometimes put an agent on the spot to tell us all about a deal they just completed (we call those Deal Anatomies and they are not only educational, but inspirational!).

At those meetings, there are no “newbie” or “dumb” questions. You will find the agent community is eager to help!

You’ll see that also play out on our private Facebook Group where 2/3 of our agents are active participants. We average 5 new posts and 9 new comments each day. Those range from announcements, to referral requests, to investing and agent questions, to Deal Pitching! Every question gets an answer. And with our experienced group of agents, who are eager to help, often several answers!

The most important aspect about our community though, is their commitment to work with 100% honesty and integrity. For example, when one of our agent-investors posts a wholesale deal to the Facebook Group, you can be certain they are real and realistic ARV numbers and repair numbers. It doesn’t have to be a “70% minus repair” deal to be posted, it just needs to be honest. We are sick of having our time-wasted by unscrupulous real estate investors giving out false information in an attempt to “sucker” someone into a deal.

At StepStone Realty, you should feel you can do a deal with any other StepStone Agent on a handshake. Now, we’ll always tell you to do your paperwork, but you should have that feeling or we have a problem. We would rather “fire” an agent than let anyone believe they can’t trust a StepStone Agent. That’s why we don’t charge to join. That allows StepStone to be free to kick anyone out who fails to uphold our expected level of integrity.

We believe so strongly in creating this environment for the investor, free from the scams, free from the dishonesty and mistrust, that we want StepStone to grow, to be like an exclusive club, where investors HAVE to get their license, so they can join StepStone because that’s where all the real, honest deals get traded and business is done that right way.

It’s through our community that StepStone Realty will bring creative real estate investing into the mainstream. Together we can Move Real Estate Forward.