Finally, a Brokerage Made For the Investor!

We Say "Yes!"

While other brokerages restrict creative real estate, we encourage it!

As an investor herself, Angie Francis, Broker, understands creative real estate. While being an agent may mean proper disclosure, it should not restrict you from creative deals. Angie will make sure you do it right. Angie has been an agent since 2006 and a Broker since 2008 Husband, Dan, has been doing creative real estate since 2004. Together they have the knowledge and experience to do real estate the right way!

Built for the Investor from the Ground Up

As investors, we built the brokerage with the investor in mind. While traditional brokerages focus on providing office space, meetings and phone duty, StepStone focuses on giving you the freedom to invest, tools to help you do that and services that give your business support. We look for ways to put more money in your pocket from day one.

Investor-Friendly Tools and Opportunities

We have created investor-friendly tools and services to help you with your investing business as well as earning commissions as an agent.

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